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A True Choice About How Your Electricity is Generated

You’ll soon have a true choice about how your electricity is generated and what you pay for it: Cleaner energy at rates 1% below PG&E. City of San José facilities will be enrolled in GreenSource in September 2018.

San José residents and business will be enrolled in SJCE’s GreenSource service in March 2019. Or, you can upgrade to TotalGreen starting this fall, and receive 100% renewable energy that’s 100% carbon-free.

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All customers in the City of San José with existing PG&E accounts will be automatically enrolled in GreenSource during March 2019. Your electricity will be generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar, and from carbon-free sources such as hydropower.

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Starting this fall 2018, you can choose to enroll early with our upgrade TotalGreen, rather than waiting for the citywide March 2019 service launch.

You’ll be a community leader in our commitment to a clean energy future because your electricity will be entirely generated from renewable, carbon-free sources. Choosing TotalGreen also means SJCE can help expand clean energy generation in California and increase competition to keep rates low.

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Starting in March 2019, if you have rooftop solar and you’re enrolled in PG&E’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) program, you will be enrolled in an SJCE NEM program.

SJCE is working to develop an easy and attractive program for solar and other distributed electricity generation systems (wind, biogas and fuel cells) as soon as possible.

Please sign up for email notification at the bottom of the page and we’ll notify you when our program details become available.

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If you choose, you can opt out of San José Clean Energy and remain entirely with PG&E service. Please call us at 833-432-2454. Only City municipal accounts are affected now; residential and commercial accounts will receive a notice two months before service begins.

There’s no charge to switch to remain with PG&E before your SJCE service starts or within 2 months after service starting. And if you later decide that SJCE is a good choice for you, we’ll be happy to welcome you back!

If you'd like to opt out, we recommend you first read the Terms and Conditions.

*From PG&E’s 2016 Power Content Label.

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