TotalGreen Testimonials


Have you ever thought about how you can make an impact on climate change? Choosing our 100% renewable energy option TotalGreen is an easy, cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help preserve the planet for future generations.

Join the more than 1,000 customers who are leading the way to a brighter future by upgrading their homes and businesses to TotalGreen.

Thank you to those who have chosen TotalGreen for making our community and world a better place to live.






San José Mayor Sam Liccardo

“I know that I can receive 100% GHG (greenhouse gas) free electricity by paying only additional cost equivalent to about a cup of coffee per month. I’m very proud to be a TotalGreen customer and I hope you’ll join me.” 



“Climate change is a serious problem that affects the world, and we’re focused on ensuring Samsung is doing their part to respond to this crisis. We’re eager to partner with San José Clean Energy to further reduce the carbon footprint of our San José offices, where thousands of our staff work on innovative automotive, digital health, data center, and IoT innovation projects.” -Jim Elliott, Corporate Senior Vice President at Samsung Semiconductor

Mothers Out Front

“The effects of climate change are scary. Scientists tell us that we have just over a decade to act before it’s irreversible so we need to take big bold actions now.”


“I saw Greta Thunberg on TV, and I was amazed by her passion. I started saying to myself, “well what can I do about it?” My electric bill accounted for 70 to 75% of my carbon footprint and being that easy to go from 75% to 0 was a huge improvement and very simple.”


“We’re not only powering our home with 100% renewable energy, but also my Chevy Volt plugin hybrid (vehicle).”

Aqua Lab Aquaria

“One of the great things about Aqua Lab is that the aquarium hobby still is a pretty family focused activity for many and so when I see families come in with their children it's a constant reminder of the need to preserve our planet for our future generations and so that our hobby can continue to exist as well. I would tell other businesses considering upgrading to TotalGreen, that it's a no brainer—you should have done it yesterday. It barely costs extra, and I'm telling you, your customers will appreciate it too.”

Rita Norton

“This simple step is something you and everybody else in the community can consider doing that'll make a very significant difference.”


“I’m an existing solar customer but I felt that there’s always more that I could do to make it a better world for my kids growing up.” 

Schnitzer Steel Industries

“As one of North America’s largest metal recyclers and a manufacturer of finished steel, we are supportive of building a resilient and sustainable future for the communities in which we operate and serve. Our upgrade to TotalGreen is just one effort made to convey our support for renewable energy here in San Jose.” -Robert Ellsworth, Corporate Sustainability Program Manager


“TotalGreen is totally great! I get 100% of my energy that comes to my home through renewable energy sources.”



“Operating in an environmentally and socially sustainable way is paramount to eBay’s operations and commitment to responsible business. The City of San José has been our home for nearly 25 years, and we are thrilled to be able to partner with San José Clean Energy to achieve 100% renewable energy for our offices here.” -Wendy Jones, SVP, Global Operations