Rooftop Solar

Have solar? You’ll be enrolled in 2020

If you currently have rooftop solar on your home, we're delaying your enrollment into San José Clean Energy (SJCE) until 2020, when we can be sure you’ll receive a fair value for the solar energy you generate.

If you want to enroll early, can do so by upgrading to TotalGreen, our 100% renewable energy option. You will also be enrolled in our Net Energy Metering (NEM) program.


Planning to get solar this year?

No need to wait to install! If you're already our customer and have decided to install solar, you will remain our customer and will be enrolled in our NEM program.

solar installation


SJCE NEM Program Benefits

Our Net Energy Metering (NEM) program is similar to PG&E’s, with a few benefits:

  • Option to be billed monthly or annually
  • Our Net Surplus Compensation rate will be 25% higher than PG&E for customers that are annual net generators of power ($0.03552 per kWh)
  • Service by SJCE does not affect your rate plan or legacy NEM status, and SJCE honors all PG&E rate plans
  • Option to receive 100% renewable energy with TotalGreen

View our NEM program terms and conditions.


How NEM Works

A special meter tracks the difference between the amount of electricity your solar panels produce and the amount of electricity you use during each billing cycle. When your panels produce more electricity than you use, you receive a credit on your bill. Bill credits will be carried over for use in subsequent billing period(s) throughout the Annual True-up Period (May to April each year) until such credits are exhausted.

Customers who are Net Energy Generators during an Annual True-Up Period will be paid for the excess energy at the Net Surplus Compensation rate ($0.03552 per kWh).


By default, SJCE residential and A1 non-residential NEM customers will be billed annually and receive monthly energy statements. Customers can choose to receive monthly billing by calling (833) 432-2454.

How To Enroll

Current PG&E NEM Customers who upgrade to TotalGreen

If you’re already enrolled in PG&E’s NEM program and you enroll in SJCE by upgrading to TotalGreen, you will automatically be enrolled in SJCE’s NEM program—no action is necessary. Both PG&E and SJCE will perform a settlement of your account’s net charges and credits (known as a “true-up”) when your energy provider changes to SJCE or back to PG&E. This settlement will result in a balance due for any usage charges owed to-date, or alternatively will result in a forfeiture of any excess credits on your account at that time.

New NEM Customers

SJCE customers sign up for the NEM program as usual, through PG&E. You will then be automatically served by SJCE’s NEM program.

PG&E is required to complete the NEM interconnection within 30 working days of receiving an application. If you don’t currently have an installed electric generation system, we recommend you first contact a solar or other energy system installer, or a professional who can guide you through installing a system and submitting a NEM application.

PG&E will provide final permission to operate your solar PV system and/or wind system, whether or not you are an SJCE customer. PG&E will review your completed application, along with a single-line diagram that is representative of your system. Upon a successful evaluation of your engineering review, PG&E will install your bi-directional meter. You may operate your PV system following receipt of a “Permission to Operate” letter.