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SJCE Is Our New Electricity Supplier

San José Clean Energy, or SJCE, is the City of San José’s new electricity supplier—charting our path to a greener future. We are the Community Energy department of the City of San José, dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for our customers and our community. The San José City Council unanimously voted to create SJCE in May 2017 and we’ll begin serving residents and businesses in February 2019.

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SJCE’s carbon-free energy is like taking 35,000 cars off the road

With SJCE, our city will initially see about an 18 percent reduction in GHG emissions from electricity generation. That’s like taking about 35,000 passenger vehicles off the road, or the annual energy use of 12,800 homes.

All revenues stay right here in San José. We’re “owned” by the community.

We don’t have to charge extra to generate a profit or pay dividends to shareholders, which helps keep our prices competitive and stable. Plus, we will invest in local programs, such as clean energy generation projects and energy efficiency, that create jobs and value for all residents here in San José.

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We don’t charge extra to generate a profit or pay dividends, which keeps our prices competitive and stable

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We invest in local programs, such as renewable clean energy generation projects and energy efficiency

Run by our community

SJCE is governed by your San José City Council, with input from a Community Advisory Commission. All our meetings are open to the public:


A Proven Concept

Communities throughout California are already benefiting from their own locally controlled electricity providers: almost 2 million residents and businesses have saved over $89 million and are taking the equivalent of 200,000 cars off the roads every year. There are ten Northern California energy companies similar to San José Clean Energy.