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Cleaner Energy

You’ll have more carbon-free power from wind, water and sun—at prices that are 1% below PG&E.

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Reliable Service

SJCE is partnering with PG&E—we will buy electricity for you and PG&E will deliver it over existing utility lines. PG&E will continue to do maintenance, billing and customer service, as they always have.

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Community Benefits

We’re a nonprofit—revenues will fund lower rates and local programs, including clean energy projects that create jobs, save money, and boost our economy.

How It Works

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Sourcing and building cleaner energy

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Flowing clean energy into our state’s power supply

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Delivering energy, maintaining lines, serving customers

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Using cleaner energy, preserving the environment


How We Got Here & What’s Next


California Legislature passes law allowing Community Choice Energy (CCE)


Residents ask City of San José to consider forming a CCE


City holds community meetings and Council sessions about forming a CCE

May 2017

City Council votes unanimously to form San José Clean Energy

Sept 2018

Service launch to San José municipal customers

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Feb 2019

Service launch to most residents and businesses

June launch icon

June 2019

Enroll small businesses

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Fall 2019

Release programs roadmap

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Enroll residents and small businesses with rooftop solar

What's New

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SJCE’s Credit Facility with Barclays Bank Increases to $80 Million
The increased credit facility will allow SJCE to make additional purchases of clean power into future years, thereby further hedging future electricity costs and maximizing customer savings.
Photo of Samsung's San Jose campus
Samsung’s San José Campus Goes TotalGreen
We are proud to announce that Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. has chosen to power their San José campus with TotalGreen, our 100% renewable electricity service!
San Jose Clean Energy Launch on Schedule Despite PG&E Bankruptcy Announcement
There will be no interruption in power service for customers, and SJCE will launch electricity generation service to San José homes and businesses this February as planned.
Upcoming San Jose Clean Energy Community Events
Want to learn more about San José Clean Energy? Attend a community presentation over the next months.